Custom wind turbine control systems | Technology built to optimise wind energy

We are dedicated to optimise wind turbine performance

At Spica Technology, we have great experience and know-how in developing technical solutions designed specially for the wind power industry. We are dedicated to wind power and always act from the knowledge that custom-made design of control systems increases the performance.

High-end engineering and technologies

From the first development of ideas, we focus on the special properties and features required for products, which must withstand and perform under harsh wind and weather conditions.

Our products and solutions are not adjustments of existing standards – they are born and dedicated to the wind industry through high-end engineering and technologies. That makes our products the strongest and most reliable wind turbine control systems on the market.

We specialise in control systems for wind turbines

The Spica Technology staff is made up of skilled and trained technicians with considerable experience from the wind turbine industry. Despite our relative small size, few, if any, engineering companies can rival with our company in accumulated knowledge and experience dedicated solely to tailor-made wind power control system engineering projects.

We take on projects in the form of customised wind turbine control systems ranging from short one-day projects to large-scale projects, where, besides the specialised technology, we deliver project management, milestones and FAT test – and most importantly, we build the control system prototype and initiate production.

Pre-projects of mutual benefit

When a turbine controller project idea is first presented to us, we often carry out a pre-project to determine its technical and financial feasibility. We consider this to be of mutual benefit – as projects often mature, die out or change considerably during this stage.

We use our extensive experience and know-how in making customised solutions to carefully determine the potential of your wind turbine project, saving you precious time and costs. Otherwise, this might have been wasted at a later stage. Projects determined to be worth pursuing are developed and rigorously tested to make sure they can withstand the challenging environment that a wind turbine control system needs to function and work in.

Maintaining control

With Spica Technology, the issue of ownership is always crystal clear. The project and the end-product, we develop, belong to you, including all drawings and software on the turbine controllers. You are free to start production anywhere you may wish – no fees or royalties, only the engineering and prototype costs.

During the project stages, we make sure you are kept well-informed and involved to ensure the end-product meets your requirements and specifications – knowing that these might change as the engineering project progresses.

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